Since its the end of the world and all…

This is pretty on-the-money. I think I’d even go one step further and draw a connection between subscriptions and the development of the familiar. Whatever we are subscribing too it becomes a constant, and the excitement of our commitment is the development of both the world (with us as a part of it) and ourselves (by the world’s effect on us). It can be particularly jarring when that world changes dramatically without our in-put or control, and while in some cases this can create interest and excitement, in others it can breed resentment and detachment.

DF:UW Footage

Woot! Here is some of the first ACTUAL game footage for Unholy Wars. It outlines one aspect of the Roles system, in whose development I was heavily involved. It also shows off a whisper of the GUI, my main focus for the last 2 months.


Darkfall 2.0 : Unholy Wars Announced

So THIS is happening :) Launch date for the new Darkfall : Unholy Wars. I am hugely proud of what we have achieved on this – s’gonna be ace, yo!

Check out the page for vid’s n’stuff. I am in one of them – what more incentive do you need!

UPDATE : Already ranked #1 for MMOs in Development at + 8.5 Hype score. *RAWK*.