DF:UW Footage

Woot! Here is some of the first ACTUAL game footage for Unholy Wars. It outlines one aspect of the Roles system, in whose development I was heavily involved. It also shows off a whisper of the GUI, my main focus for the last 2 months.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG40NPkI4rA?rel=0&w=500&h=281]

Darkfall 2.0 : Unholy Wars Announced

So THIS is happening :) Launch date for the new Darkfall : Unholy Wars. I am hugely proud of what we have achieved on this – s’gonna be ace, yo!

Check out the page for vid’s n’stuff. I am in one of them – what more incentive do you need!

UPDATE : Already ranked #1 for MMOs in Development at MMORPG.com + 8.5 Hype score. *RAWK*.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T8FuVGXEMw?rel=0&w=486&h=275]


This is fascinating. I did a bit of work on this as part of my masters. Originally it was as the byproduct of an assignment designed to find a an actual use for biofeedback in commercial gaming but it became a crossover piece where we investigated using the biofeedback as both a control mechanism AND a psychological loop to increase the challenges presented.

One of the significant difficulties we faced was actually getting players comfortable with bio-feedback devices. Both their implications/sci-fi history and the nature of the devices themselves are somewhat sinister so we found that simple interaction with device could produce an emotional response that was completely separate from the game itself!


Im mostly posting this to remind me where it is. This social aspect of gaming is a fascinating, double-edged sword. Clearly social features generate interest in a product, an additional level of engagement for players, and a new ‘mechanic’ for what can otherwise be a somewhat lonely pastime, but at the same time the nature of remote interaction breeds behaviour that is beyond the norm.

For as many users as there are who find it easier to open up online in a way they cant in real life, there are those who instead use the anonymity and infinity of network communications to pour out the anger, spite, and hatred they must bottle up in face-to-face communications. Technology is an outlet for everyone and everything – good and bad. The best hope for social features in-game is to find ways to help mitigate the negative emotions and foster the good ones. In combat, however, this is tricky…