Darkfall Launch!

So word is, Darkfall UW is launching on the 16th of April!! I am super-excited, and thrilled it has finally come around!

The Prowess System was probably the single biggest change I introduced to DF:UW, so you can hate on me if you have a problem with it! It has been developed slightly further than my initial designs to incorporate more ‘levelling’ aspects than I had intended, but for something I had to sell EXTREMELY hard to the ‘powers that be’ in the first place I am thrilled to see they have taken it on to such an extent.

The system is designed not just to help in eliminating macro-ing and AFK-ing, but also to help players re-engage with the game, and to incentivise the behaviour that makes the game fun for everyone, and discourage the kind of crappy behaviour for which Darkfall had become famous.

One thought on “Darkfall Launch!

  1. gj Tork, it was indeed a good move for DF, I would have done it a bit further, but i guess that if you're the one behind it there is no chance AV make it better now.

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