Darkfall Online: Unholy Wars

“…a fast-paced, PvP MMORPG with full loot. Players are called to form clans and battle for dominance across the seamless and open fantasy world of Agon. Recruit and train new warriors, conquer fortresses and clan cities, engage in epic land and naval battles with thousands of concurrent players, and build powerful empires.

I was the Coordinating Designer on DF 2.0:UW, the long awaited sequel to Darkfall Online. Here my responsibilities included:

  • Mechanics design (including player and clan points, roles system, feat (achievement/quest hybrid) system, re-imagining of a number of existing systems).
  • Complete redesign of the GUI.
  • Documentation and rationalisation of existing systems.
  • Outline and proposal design documents for Green Games titles – Aventurine’s mobile games arm.
  • Coordinating design, including MoSCoW analyses and task allocation.