Paizo Publishing

“In this town, the law’s whatever you can get ’way with. You look easy an’ trouble’s gonna find you, sure as day. So here’s what t’do: Get yoursel’ a warning. A marker, y’know? Somethin’ says ‘Leave orff.’ Might be a bodyguard. Might be ten pound o’ sharpened steel. Might be a glowin’ doohickey that shows you got the gift. Doesn’t matter, so long’s it says, ‘Keep clear.’ That’s the way to keep breathin’ here. That, and stay out of the water.”
—Grimas Oltedler, Velashu ferryman, to new apprentices crossing to the Cypher Lodge

Since 2011 I have been providing content as a freelance writer and designer for Paizo on their Pathfinder RPG. I have nearly 30 Pathfinder publications to date, including “Blood of the Night”, my first solo publication. My work includes:

  • Monster, narrative, and level design.
  • Feat, spell, trait, and magic item design.
  • Character archetype design.
  • Largest freelance contributor on the brand new Mythic Rule set.
  • Unique rule system design (including the Hunger system for undead, and the Squire system for Knights).

I am also an avid Pathfinder player and through my unfortunate and dice-cursed characters have enjoyed trying out most of the base classes across a number of adventure paths.